Taxidermy Professionals in New Mexico

High Desert Taxidermy

High Desert Taxidermy is located next door to MGS Custom Cutting. We offer in-house taxidermy services for your trophy. As hunters ourselves, we know what your trophy means to you and will strive to complete it per your instructions to your satisfaction. We offer shoulder mounts, life-size, rugs, birds, fish, novelties, tanning, and furs. If you are ever in the Kirtland, NM area, we invite you to come by and visit our showroom and studio.

lion on ledge

After your trophy is down, it is crucial to take care of the animal properly.


Some do’s and don’ts:


  • Keep it clean, and cool the cape as soon as possible to prevent the hair from slipping
  • Cape the animal properly, if unsure, let the taxidermist do it
  • If you cape, cut 8″-12″ behind the shoulder around the entire circumference of the animal
  • Split the cape in a straight line along the top of the neck to 6″ from behind the head
  • Leave the head on cape, keep cool, and transport to taxidermist as soon as possible


  • Drag your animal
  • Cut the throat to bleed out or field dress
  • Cut or split the brisket while field dressing and/or skinning
  • Cut the underside of the front leg (“armpit”)